High School Drop-Out Rate in the U.S?

Within my English course, we were instructed to find a worldly issue that we would like to fix (Homelessness, Genocide, Starvation, etc.) and create an action plan that we could utilize to act on it accordingly. My issue was high school drop-outs, due to the increasing numbers that not only plague my city but the U.S as a whole. With every passing day it is stated that 7,000 students around the nation drop-out from school. This has remained a silent pandemic for the simple fact that we have failed to realize the adverse affects it has on society, since we have always believed it to be a personal issue. Our economy loses a whopping twenty-three million dollars of circulation, due to the fact that on average a high-school drop-out will only make about twenty-six thousand yearly. 

High School Students are known to drop-out for four major reasons.

-Educational Performance: Students who feel that they are not receiving satisfactory grades are more likely to give up on school before even entering high school. 

-Behavioral Issues: Students who get in trouble in school, are given punishments that make them miss more school, only setting their grades back farther if they were not already.

-Attitude Towards School: A child or anyone for that matter who lacks motivation, or does not understand the principle behind something will more than likely not put forth their best effort which in this case, results to high school drop-outs. 

-Family Background: Kids who grow up in a poverty-stricken household are more likely to drop-out of school and pick up a job to make ends meet.

Action Plan: My action plan was to return to my personal high school and help tutor in a program called AVID(Advancement Via Individual Determination), which is growing quickly around the nation. This program selects students who either have one of these four problems affecting them, or simply show potential that they are not currently using. This program than pinpoints things that are needed for success and teaches it to these students. What makes this program special, is that their goal is not only to see their students graduate with a high-school diploma, but also have them attending a four year college. I was personally a part of this program, and going back to aid familiar faces, and also answer their questions was self-gratifying. 

Now comes the time where I ask for my followers opinion on high school drop out, does the increasing numbers alarm you, or do you have any statements that agree or disagree with the facts I’ve presented here?

Thanks in advance.

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Posted on Monday, 28 November
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